Food Drive to Help Our Neighbours Suffering

December 8, 2013
Food Drive to Help Our Neighbours Suffering

On December 8, 2013, the World Mission Society Church of God in Toronto teamed up with North York Harvest to host a food drive to help our neighbours suffering from food insecurity. 

North York Harvest is the primary food bank for northern Toronto, distributing more than 2 million pounds of food annually through neighbourhood programs. 

Each year, at least half of the people who visit Toronto food banks are families with children. The skipped meals, stress and malnutrition that low income families face have long-term impacts. The Church of God joined with the independent, charitable organization to help it achieve its vision of a community where all people are able to meet their food needs. 

Church of God members, along with friends, family and neighbours collected 1,840 pounds of food to support the vital program run by North York Harvest and hosted an educational session to raise awareness about the important work that Toronto food banks do to help vulnerable people.

The event was held to mark the Day of New Jerusalem, in commemoration of God the Mother, who is testified along with God the Father in the Bible.