Smile Campaign – Annex Retirement Residence

March 21, 2013
Smile Campaign - Annex Retirement Residence

On April 21, 2013, the World Mission Society Church of God in Toronto shared love with the senior citizens at Annex Retirement Residence. Around 20 members of the Church of God prepared a special performance to honor and thank the senior citizens who spent a lifetime contributing to their community.

While enjoying the choir and musical performance and singing along to songs from the movie “The Sound of Music”, each resident smiled brightly. They were especially moved when the members presented each of them up with a handmade candy necklace. One of the resident’s clung to the candy necklace wanting to share it with her young granddaughter at the next visit.

The members wholeheartedly served the residents hoping to let the residents know that they have not been forgotten and to feel the love of God given through the Passover.

For both the residents and the members, the time spent together joyfully made for a very special memory.