The Church of God in Edmonton Awarded Through the Capital City Cleanup Campaign  

April 27, 2022

During the months of May, June, and July of 2013 the World Mission Society Church of God in Edmonton took to the streets to remove litter and graffiti from five local communities. Through their passion and motivation to “Do Their Part” They were awarded with the Capital City Clean Up award by the City of Edmonton.

This award is given in recognition of great effort and outstanding contributions in keeping Edmonton free from litter and graffiti. Through teamwork and determination, a significant amount of garbage was removed, making the city of Edmonton a more beautiful place where locals could feel safe.

According to the broken window theory, where more litter and vandalism is present, the higher chance of increased criminal activity in the area.

The removal of trash and cleanup of these communities meant the volunteers were able to deliver a sense of relief and peace to people in the affected areas. These activities also contributed to raising funds to aid those affected by the recent floods in High River, which went towards the purchase of bottled water for residents distressed by the recent flood.

The World Mission Society Church of God also challenged local grocers to match the bottled water donations and a total of 6,000 bottles could be raised as a result. All these exceptional results both inside the community and outside, are thanks to their want to share love to their community and neighbors by lending a hand and letting them know people care.